• Fahari ya Kenya

    Fahari Ya Kenya uses the best grades of Kenyan tea and is blended from a selection of medium sized granules of tea and a small quantity of selected fibrous tea. This tea has a distinct aroma, unrivalled flavour, refreshing taste and rich colour.

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  • Safari Pure Tea

    Safari Pure Tea, KETEPA’s finest blend, brings out the superior taste and rich aroma of true Kenyan Tea. Safari Pure Tea is a blend of Kenya’s top quality leaves handpicked from selected farms.The large and pure granules in Safari Pure Tea have a light colour, a rich flavour and a distinct aroma,

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  • Ketepa Pride Tea Bags

    KETEPA’s Tea Bags are blended from a selection of tea with finer granules, allowing for full, fast infusion. Packed in 2gm filter bags, they are heat-sealed to avoid tearing for comfortable enjoyment of

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  • Maisha Water

    Ketepa’s latest offering, Maisha is purified using reverse osmosis and is ozonised for a great, refreshing taste. It is available in 300 ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 1.5 Litre and 18.9 Litre bottles.

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  • Flavoured Tea

    Ketepa’s selection of flavoured tea offers the different flavours of ginger, masala and lemon, each packed to convenience in an easy to use 2gm teabag. These packs utilize all the qualities of Ketepa’s Pride Tea Bags to provide three exciting new infusions.
    They are available in 25 tea bags only.

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  • Safari Iced Tea

    Safari Ice Tea is a unique refreshment which is tea that is cooled, sweetened to taste and ready to drink. It is a soft drink without any added preservatives or colour and comes in different flavours which are: Apple, Lemon and Orange It is available in a 300ml easy grip bottle.

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  • Fahari Ya Kenya Ginger

    Fahari Tangawizi is Fahari Ya Kenya Tea enriched with ginger, it is foil wrapped to guarantee fresh taste and aroma.
    Fahari Tangawizi is a great and unique tasting blend

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  • Karibu Chai

    A blend of PF1 and fannings, Karibu Chai offers value for money, producing more cups of tea from a smaller quantity of tea leaves. Karibu Chai is available in 50g, 100g and also in sachets.

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  • Chai Yetu

    This is our value product, it allows you to enjoy quality at an afordable price. It’s packaging is attractive and keeps tea fresher for longer than other products in it’s price range.
    Chai Yetu is available in 25g, 50g, 100g and in sachets.

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